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Suit Styles

We offer a wide range of suit styles for you to choose from when designing your costume. This gallery shows our main styles that are the most popular among our clients. If you do not see a style you would want not to worry, we can easily customize any suit to what you would like! Please note we do not offer  a high neck collar style.

Our Suits now come in two Cuts, the Modest Cut and our Signature Competitive Cut. When ordering please let us know which cut is preferred. Please note that when ordering Duets, Teams and Combos all suits will come in the same cut.

Modest Cut: This is a lower cut leg line sitting just below the hip bone and with full bum coverage. The Modest cut is available in all sizes and Styles.

Competitive Cut: This is our Signature cut and that we are famous for! The competitive cut leg line sits above the hip bone and a slightly less coverage of the bum than the Modest Cut. This cut is most similar to the fashion forward training suits like Nike and Jolyn and is the style of suit worn by the top competitors on the world stage. The Competitive cut is available for National Stream 13-15, Junior, and Senior Athletes. The competitive cut is not recommended for the younger provincial level teams under 13-15.

Ready to start designing your dream costume?


Download our Women's Swimsuit Design Worksheet!

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