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Costume Care

- Do not wear your suit in any Hot Tub, the chemicals can breakdown the rubber spandex fibers in the stretch fabric.


- Immediately after competing, rinse suit in cool water, squeeze gently to remove water (wringing out a suit causes threads to break , loss of crystals and will shorten the life of the suit), lay flat on a towel and roll suit and the towel together to transport home or to hotel.  Hang to dry as soon as possible.  Leaving a suit in your swim bag overnight or longer will damage the suit and can cause colour transfer.


- If needed, wash with a delicate fabric wash/soap.


- If hair gel gets on the suit, run hot water thru the area to soften the gel then gently rub away with a facecloth.


- Some fabrics can cause skin irritation (ie: stretch velvet, lycra with sequins).  To prevent irritation, use Vaseline or an anti-chafe cream on the skin where the suit irritates.


- Check your suit after every use, if there are cut, loose or missing stitches, contact us and we will repair it.  Our suits are constructed so that the stitching will fail before the fabric will tear.


- Your new suit may feel stiff and fit snug before your first swim.  It will soften and stretch during the first two to three swims. Competition costumes will often feel tighter than your regular training suit due to the fabrics and thickness of the applique.


- It is normal for darker colors to run a small amount.  Rinsing the suit in cool water and hanging to dry will prevent color transfer.  Pool chemicals actually help prevent the colors from running.  Leaving a wet suit in a pile wet will cause dye transfer from darker to lighter colors!  We highly recommend NOT SOAKING as soaking a suit can cause colours to run and settle on the suit.

-If alterations are required, they must be done BEFORE the suit is bejeweled.  Once hot fix crystals are applied to suits we are usually unable to alter the suit.   

If you have any questions please contact us at

Have a great competitive year!!

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