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  • I tried the COSTUME ORDERING page and it asks for a password, why?
    We ask that you contact us and we discuss any questions you have about your costume. Then we go over the timeline for suit delivery based on the current volume of orders. We are a very small company and can only produce a certain number of suits from September-Feburary Once it is 100% confirmed that you will be ordering from us we provide you with the password to begin the ordering process. This way you do not go through the entire order process only to find out we cannot have your costume ready by your first competition.
  • Do you offer printed/dye sublimated costumes?
    We DO NOT offer printed/dye sublimation suits. Only piece work Applique with the occasional painted detail
  • Do you offer designs options?
    Yes, we work with coaches, and athletes to create designs for each routine. We offer a wide range of custom styles of suits (full font and back, open back, multi straps) On our website we examples of the many suit styles we offer. (we do not offer High neck collar suits) See our Suit Style page for suit options.
  • Do you make changes according to the coaches’ request before the final design?
    Yes we provide 1-2 designs for the routine based on the inspiration and budget provided by coaches and what is decided on by the parents. From there coaches and athletes can make tweaks to the designs until all parties are happy. If more than 2 designs are requested we charge an additional design fee. So we ask for as much feedback and inspiration as possible.
  • I have a design in mind already!
    That is great! We love when clients already have their dream suit in mind. We take the design you have presented and make tweaks if necessary to fit within your budget and our cost minimums. As well, we make changes so we are not just ripping off another designer. We also have downloadable templates to help you in your design process! These can be found on the Suit Styles, Mens, and Contact pages.
  • When can we begin the design process in order to have the suits ready for December?
    In order to ensure all our clients receive their costumes for their first routine meet we run a competition delivery system. We follow the competition calendar and have suits delivered minimum 1-2weeks prior to their first meet. We only guarantee December costume delivery for clubs who have their first Routine meet in December. That being said, clubs that have all their designs confirmed and deposits paid by end of September have a great chance of suits being delivered in December.
  • How long is the production process, the timeline?
    Production times run anywhere from 4-10 weeks based on size of the order, the clients place in line, and that does not include the initial measuring and design phase. Rush orders are available for a rush fee between Feburary-August. Rush orders unavailable September-Feburaury
  • Do suits include headpieces? If not, how much for each?
    NO, due to the volume of orders we currently do not make headpieces. but we can provide fabric scraps.
  • Do suits include bun covers? If not, how much for each?
    YES! All costumes come with a buncover.
  • Can you embellish with gems/sequins? What would be the cost?
    No, we do not provide crystal or embellishment services for costume, clients find it more cost effective for athletes and parents to embellish themselves. And with the number of orders we have, there simply is not enough time.
  • How are measurements taken, do you provide suit samples for sizing?
    We have you measure your athletes based on the instructions we provide. If any measurements look incorrect we contact you for a re measure. We no longer need to send fitting suits as our measuring and suit process has been perfected over our 12 years experience.
  • If adjustments are needed once the suits are delivered (growth spurt, sizing issues, etc.), what are our options?
    If for some reason there are fit issues with a suit we will have the suit sent back and we will adjust it, we ask to have new measurements taken just in case. If for any reason a suit is the wrong size (athlete is in between sizes or has had an unforeseen growth spurt the suit will be altered or in vary rare instances a new suit is made) Once a suit has been crystalled or sequined it may not be able to be altered
  • How Do I measure for my Costume?
    We require five different measurements for costumes. Bust, Waist, High Hip, True Hip (Bum), and Over All Body Circumferance (Girth). We provide our clients with an instructional document on how to measure during the ordering process.
  • What is the price of a routine suit?
    Our prices vary based on the complexity of the design. The more complex the design means more labor. We do our best to work with the budget you have. Our Most basic costumes start at $175CAN.
  • Payment
    We accept Cash, Cheque, Interac-E-Transfers, and PAYPAL invoicing for credit cards. We require a payment in FULL after designs are confirmed, work does not start until deposits are received. Delivery dates will reflect when deposits are received.
  • Shipping fees?
    Standard Tracked Expedited shipping is on us! Rush shipments and small orders incur shipping rates based on the destination.
  • International Orders
    We do ship internationally, please allow for extra time for shipping. Depending on the country shipping can take 10-20 business days. RATES: We do our best to provide you with shipping rates to the destination country. We are not responsible for any taxes or duties that are incurred by the Border Agencies of each destination country.
  • All Sales Are Final
    Each suit is custom crafted, as such cannot be returned Contact us immediately for any issues with your costumes due to fit and we can alter the suits. We strive to create the best costumes in the industry, if there are any issues with your order we will work with you to make it right!
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