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Our Process



  • Our prices vary based on the complexity of the design. The more complex the design means the more labor.

  • We do our best to work with the budget you have.

  • Our basic costumes start at $150 CAD. 


  • Once you know the budget for the suit we will start designing around that.

  • You have the option of presenting us with a design that the athlete has drawn and make adjustments to it to ensure it fits in your budget price.

  • We also offer a complementary design service in which we can present you with one to two design options within your budget to choose from.... These options are based on information we receive from the athlete as to colour, style and theme, even inspirational pictures help.



  • Work on the suit does not begin until the payment is received. (suits are made in the order the  designs are confirmed and payments received)

  • If possible we try and do a fitting of both measurements as well as fitting suit try-on, but in case of out of town Athletes (outside of the Calgary) we will instruct you on the proper way to take suit measurements.

  • If the athlete is having team or combo suits made by us we will use the measurements taken during team suit fittings.

  • We generally guarantee the suit prior to the first meet, with the exception if the order is received too close to the meet date. (We have a cut-off date in which all designs must be confirmed and payments received. Any suits confirmed after this cut off will not be guaranteed for the first meet)

  • Once the suit is near complete we will re confirm delivery address and provide tracking information.



  • Full payment is due once designs are confirmed and invoices sent. Work on costumes will not start until payment is received.

  • We accept Cash, Cheque, Interac-E-Transfers, and PAYPAL invoicing, we are currently unable to take major credit cards but we are considering our options for the future.

International Orders:

  • We do ship internationally, please allow for extra time for shipping. Depending on the country shipping can take 10-20 business days.

  • RATES: We do our best to provide you with shipping rates to the destination country.

  • We are not responsible for any taxes or duties that are incurred by the Border Agencies of each destination country.

All Sales Are Final

  • Each suit is custom crafted,  as such cannot be returned

  • Contact us immediately for any issues with your costumes due to fit and we can alter the suits.


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